Laura Altobelli

Laura altobelli

The matter of Things is constantly changing

There are days when I see only what my eyes can see and others when I see beyond things, I float over life itself and feel the energy in the layers of color, I feel what really belongs to me.

In those days everything is possible, everything is created and formed, a new road opens up made of waves that connect me to the universe and at that moment I get rid of everything and I am part of everything.

This is me and this is my art

Inner visions and feelings

The Collections



Salone del Mobile. Milan 2023.
Fuori Salone show room Smeg, via Moscova 58 , Milan

FAB ART – 4 works of art dress the iconic FAB 28 I Smeg Milan

Salone del Mobile. Milan 2022 – Fuori salone Via Albricci 7 , Milan
Collaboration with the historic company @paciniecappellini

To see the gallery click here

Art in the kitchen.
Together with the great chef Franco Ingenito of the restaurant @amare.certosadipavia for the publication of the volume @arteincucinaofficial @gruppomondadori
@cairo.publisher .

To see the gallery click here

The Modern House
Inclusion of my works in the prestigious furniture and design catalog of the international group La Casa Moderna @lacasamoderna_official

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